Scripts for InDesign by LFCorullón

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byLFC_apply language: apply the selected language to all textFrames in all pages in the active document, and in all paragraphs and character styles.

byLFC_center on page: center all the selected objects in the the current page. If you have more than one selected object, note that all of them will be overlapped in the page.

byLFC_change paraStyle GREP expression: change a paragraph style GREP style expression asking you the expression to change and the new expression. Change all paragraph styles with that GREP expression.

byLFC_convert shape: convert selected object(s) to the shape you choose on the dialog window. You can choose between rectangle, rounded rectangle, oval and/or triangle.

byLFC_convert to unassigned type: converts the selected frame in unassigned content type. If it's textFrame and is empty or if it's a graphic content type (without an image inside).

byLFC_count opened docs: returns the number of opened documents in InDesign. If you want to open several number of docs, you'll be able to check if all of them was opened.

byLFC_count paraStyle use: returns the number of paragraphs using the selected paragraph style in the story of the selected text frame.

byLFC_count selected objects: returns the lenght of current selection. If you need to select several objects (in a chart, for example) you can check if you have all of them selected (or not).

byLFC_decrease 12pt sides: decrease the size of selected objects in 12pt in each side (left and right only) using the center anchor point.

byLFC_export selection: allow you to export the selected object(s) to PDF or JPG. The scripts knows if has text in your selection and asks if you want to convert them into curves/outlines. Very useful.

byLFC_export two different PDFs: allow you to export two different PDF presets directly from one document. Two different PDF files in just one click.

byLFC_fit graphic frames to content: allow you to fit all graphic frames in the current document to the content inside them. Of course, with just one click!

byLFC_flipItem master pages: this script flips all the selected objects, but, if a textFrame exists, they will flip your textFrame again, avoiding your texts to be in the wrong direction.

byLFC_import styles from folder to curDoc: allows you to import all styles (characters, paragraphs, objects, tables and cells) from all files saved into a selected folder to the current document.

byLFC_import what you want: allow you to import what you want from a selected source file to your current doc (paragraph and character styles, object styles, swatches, master pages, table and cells styles).

byLFC_insetSpacing 12pt sides: adds, in all textFrames in your selection, a space of 12 points to the left and right sides.

byLFC_invert selection: if you have a lot of pageItems in your page and have troubles to select some of them (arranged in the back, for example), just select the front objects and run this little script.

byLFC_newDoc selection size: creates a new file based on your entire selection bounds. This script will copy your selection, create a new document and place the copied selection into the center of the new doc.

byLFC_remove empty groups: remove all the empty style groups (folders) that InDesign keeps when you remove all unused styles. Useful for big projects with a lot of styles. Thanks for Colin Flashman.

byLFC_remove styles and swatches: allows you to choose to remove all styles (characters, paragraphs, objects, tables and cells) and swatches preserving formatting of your textFrames.

byLFC_resize selection different w and h: resize your selection by choosing a multiplication factor. All operation will be based from the center anchor point. This script will use the different factors to w and h.

byLFC_resize selection same w and h: resize your selected objects by choosing a multiplication factor. All  operation will be based from the center anchor point. This script will use the same factor to w and h.

byLFC_save and close all opened docs: close, in one click, all the opened documents. If one or more of your opened files are not saved, the script lets you choose where you want to save them.

byLFC_sort styles by name: let you sort all your styles (paragraph, character, object, table and cell styles) by name with just one click. It's my first script. It solved one of my organization disorders (LOL).

byLFC_split story from selected textFrame: split your story based on selected textFrame. Your selected frame will be unlinked from its previous frame. But the links from your selection to the end will be kept.

increase or decrease columns: assigning a shortcut to the script (do it!) you'll be able to increase or decrease the amount of columns in a text frame. If nothing is selected, your page columns will be changed.

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